Residential Snow

 *From $30 (driveway sidewalk path to door). Chipping ice will be extra over 3" snowfall will be extra
*Normal snow blower in pic not a snowplow.
 On Call only, no contract required, first come first served

50$(normal city lot

(better plugs can be pulled if lawn is watered the day before)

Oversize please call


Packages available

Lawn Service means:

An extra hour of sleep on the weekend.

8 extra afternoons at the lake.
2 more coffee's a week.
not having to contend with "the beast" in the garage.
Your family deserves the extra time and so do you. Reclaim Your Weekend!!

Reclaim your weekend!

Lawn Care services

(780)-717-6020 (text for best response the machines can be loud)




Prices, pay weekly/mowed bi-weekly/monthly mowed weekly
*Small Condo Yard $30/$45/$110

*Single $40/$60/$150
*Oversized/corner lot $50/$75/$175

*Double $60/$90/$210
*Includes* trimming, mulch cut and blowing grass

off sidewalks/driveway ect.

Services offered are:
*Spring Cleanup,(Aeration)
*Grass cutting,Trimming and cleanup.(weekly, bi weekly, monthly, or one cut)
*Hedge and bush Trimming
*Fall Cleanup/Leaf removal(Fall Aeration)
*General Yard Work in the Northern Edmonton Area $60/man